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  • The Boab, Acrylic Painting by Jos Coufreur Artist
  • Sold.
    5cm (D) x
    75cm (H) x
    65cm (W) x

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Buyers Blog

What is Contemporary Art?

At times, the words we use to define and describe art can be confusing, none more so than contemporary art. The word contemporary is strictly definable; it’s current, it’s modern, it is of the present. However, don’t let the name and definition fool you; Contemporary art and Modern art are...[continue reading]

Understanding Impressionism

In the here and now, Impressionism is applauded and appreciated for its uses of colour and light. Its ability to capture and convey how starkly different a subject is under different lighting is a style emulated to this day, standing strong after more than 150 years. But what exactly is...[continue reading]

Becoming an Art Collector

It’s a dream of most who admire art to one day start their own collection. Whether to present proudly to friends and family, to bask in it joyfully, or even to secure as an investment to quietly appreciate in value, starting an art collection is a rewarding adventure that can...[continue reading]

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