Ink art is a versatile medium that focuses on the use of ink, rather than paint, to produce compelling compositions, typically used from pens, however, quills and brush applications may also be used by an artist.

Typically, ink is applied to paper instead of canvas, with watercolour paper being the favoured supporting medium for ink art, but as is often the case, artists can and often will experiment with various other types of papers, each producing different effects. As certain papers are more prone to yellowing and deteriorating faster than others, there is a small pool of paper types that are used consistently, for the sake of longevity.

Practically all subjects can be presented in ink art; however, there is a focus on lettering, shape and form.

    • Bring Me Flowers, Ink Painting by Helene hardy Artist
    • $1,500.00
      4cm (D) x
      54cm (H) x
      71cm (W) x
      White boxed framed behind non-reflective glass, alcohol ink painting on yupo paper. Inspired by the multi coloured flowers in my spring garden high in the Adelaide Hills. Alcohol ink brings a depth and vibrancy to the flowers, I've added highlights of gold to the pinks and magentas .Bring Me Flowers is professionally framed by Elite Framers in Adelaide and ready...
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